Friday, November 27, 2009

Antique Row Cafe, Normal Heights, San Diego

In my humble but completely undebatable opinion, fall is the best season for food and drink. Don't get me wrong, a crisp shandy or electric lemonade enjoyed on a hot summer day or a steaming bowl of homemade soup during a wintery storm are delights that can't be replicated. Still, I find the spicy, earthy, homemade tastes hit the spot unlike anything else, and when the sun is still clinging on to the last delicious bits of summer, it's a great time to chow down.

Our latest brunch expedition before the break was to the Antique Row Cafe in Normal Heights. Don't be fooled by the cheap diner-esque feel, on weekends this place is so hopping that there's often a crowd spilling out into the street as they anxiously await a table inside or out. (Note- they even offer coffee and pastries while you wait!!) Inside is a dark maze of bizarrely lined tables winding around oddly placed walls and cramped spaces, but I personally like to hide in a corner to enjoy my meal in a dim setting without worrying about scooting my chair into the obese man next to me or having to step over an unruly child. Bitter? Not as much as that sounded...

Back to the point. This place caters to all sorts of people, and by the looks of it people who enjoy a damn fine breakfast. The menu offered more, of course, but as the Brunch Warriors we focused solely on that menu plus the specials. The Fall special caught my eye, and with Pumpkin Pancakes smothered in homemade applesauce paired with a generous helping of cheesy potatoes and 2 eggs, how could I resist?!? Ashton opted for a standard veg omelet, and we anxiously awaited our goodies.

Our wait was not in vain! Two heaping platefuls were presented to me as my eyes bulged as much as my stomach soon would. Ashton also received a generous helping, and we quickly dug in. Before too long, both plates defeated us, but who needs syrup when applesauce is on the pancakes? They were fantastic, fluffy, huge, well-cooked, and piping hot with great spices. The eggs were also cooked perfectly, and the potatoes were smothered in cheese and hot sauce to make an excellent addition. The cost was definitely on the lower end of the spectrum, and the plates we received could have easily fed twice as many people. The service was okay, and the clientele was diverse, but the breakfast was quick, cheap, and true to the diner feel. Nothing outrageous was found on the menu, but all the expected diner fare was there, and it looked like they had some great specials cooked up. A definite recommendation.

Ashton's scramble

Pumpkin pancakes with applesauce

2 over medium eggs with cheesy potatoes

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Thanks to a flurry of activity such as moving, new job, holidays, etc. I took what was supposed to be a short break from blogging! Thanks to the infinite wisdom of Cox Communications, this break was extended much longer than it should have been, and I still do not have access to my computer. To everyone desperately waiting, hoping, praying for an update, I assure you they are coming. I've stockpiled a few choice items that have just been ripening and are ready to hit the web. Once we get this whole internet shenanigan figured out (hopefully this week) we'll be back in business! Stay tuned...